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TIJ Thermal Inkjet Printer


Boost Your Productivity with iSunJet TIJ

Thermal Inkjet Printers, sometimes referred to as Bubble Jet Printers, use Thermal Energy or Electricity to Heat Ink and Apply it to a Medium. They can provide a Low-Cost option for High-Speed Printing, and can print on a Variety of Surfaces. HP and Canon are two of the Leading Manufacturers of this kind of Printer.

  • Quick Dry Environmental Ink Cartridge. Abundant Color and Clear View
  • Plug-and-Play, Easy to Operate
  • The Ink adopts Imported Raw Materials, having High Stability and High Quality
  • Printing Effect
  • Apply to Various Industries Marking, Bar Code, and Variable Data
  • Information Printing
  • Pure Color, difficult to Spread and Dade
  • All HP TIJ 2.5 Original Type Cartridge can Compatible for our Devices
  • It Can Print on Circuit Board, Stainless Steel Pipe, Electric Cap, PVC Pipe, Food Packaging, Plastic cap, Glass, Metals

Get iSunJet TIJ Low Cost with High Quality

Thermal Inkjet Printers are a Low-Cost option for Printing and Print at a fast speed with a High-Quality Finish. They can print on a wide variety of Surfaces, including Regular and Specialty Papers, Plastics, Metals, and Cartons.It s generally use Coding & Marking Printer for an all Industries and commercial. The thermal InkJet printer is a handy industrial printer available in the market that print high resolution on porous & non-porous surfaces. It is used very neatly and effectively by using a standard ink cartridge. Thermal Ink Jet printers work on the principle of drop ejection process where fluid pressure is created through the stored ink in the cartridge. Inks are then heated by thermal energy or electricity in the firing chamber and subsequently, bubble form of ink is then expelled in the form of droplets that collapse causing the droplets to break off.

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TIJ Nova N50i Online Printer

TIJ Online N50i Thermal Inkjet Printer for Ideal for the Food, Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics & Other Industries. TIJ is a Completely Online Batch Printer, and its cover all industries in market. 

TIJ NOVA 12i Online Printer


iSunJet TIJ 12i is an Online Batch Coding Printing Machine. Its also a completely thermal base inkjet printer but it has high efficiency and HD Print at any Plastic made products like Bottling, Wrapper, Cap etc. 

TIJ 25i Online Printer

TIJ 25i is for coding and marking solutions in primary or secondary packaging materials. It’s a Mapple Jet Thermal Inkjet Online Printer and can Print on all various Application. Its is a useful in all Industries. 



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