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Laser Printer

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Laser Marking Printer : Fiber & CO2

An iSunJet Laser Printer is a Printer that uses a Focused Beam or Light to Transfer Text and Images onto Paper. Though Contrary to Popular belief, the Laser does not actually Burn the Images onto the Paper. Instead, as Paper passes through the Printer, the Laser Beam fires at the Surface of a Cylindrical Drum called a Photoreceptor. This drum has an Electrical Charge (Typically Positive), that is reversed in areas where the Laser Beam hits it.

Stellar fiber laser printer illustrates high accuracy and concise precision that are used for permanently marking on wide range of products. Our fiber laser printer operates with a wavelength of 1604nm and lift a precise laser beam spot size with upmost sharpness and excellent quality. It is ideal for coding high density packaging material such as metals and plastics.


iSunJet Laser Coding Marking Machine Model

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Stellar Fiber Laser - SF30Ai

Design your own Brand, Logo at any Product even like Metal, Plastic etc. Use Fiber Laser.

laser fiber machine

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Stellar CO2 Laser - SC20i

Boost your Product Quality and take advantage of Stellar CO2 Oxy Marking Printer.

Laser CO2 Marking

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Laser CO2 Printer

Get the Best and Latest deal with iSunjet Made in India Batch Printer Company.

Laser CO2 Printer

iSunjet Laser Manufacturer

About Laser Printer

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Laser Fiber Printing On Box


iSunJet Laser Marking & Coding Machine can print anything over the any products such as iron, steel, fiber, plastics etc. This is our isunjet Fiber laser printer sample where, we used to print on metals. Read More…

Laser CO2 Printing On Plastic

Laser Printing on Bottle

iSunJet Laser CO2 Marking & Coding Machine Sample and print on plastic bottle which can be improve your product quality and increase your productivity in the Markets.  Read More…

Laser Printing On Metal

Our both iSunJet Laser Printer can print an everything on products like, Bar Code, QR Code, Logo Design, Date Coding etc. and Its help to increase your productivity in the new markets. Read More…

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