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Solvent Dyes & Crude Solvent

Solvent recycling system refines the crude solvent and makes it usable by separating the polluted elements of crude solvent. By this distillation process original nature of used solvent is restored and eliminating a large amount of waste and removing potentially hazardous substances from solvent. By packer Bazar process we can save money by making waste management of such refining process.

Isunjet India Pvt. Ltd. under the principle brand name of Amazin Automation Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. having its corporate office at Unit # 259, JMD Megapolis, Sector 48, Sohna Road Gurgaon and plant at Dadri Toyo, Jhajjar (Haryana) stems from a continuous collaboration with numerous industry leaders for the recovery of solvents and solvent by-products from:

  • Industrial solvents users and manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Chemicals manufacturers
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Solvent Crude

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solvent process

Solvent Recovery Process

We have worked on a wide range of streams and by-products from these industry sectors for recovery from crude solvent to usable solvent.

Solvent Recovery Process (SRP) is separation of polluted substances from crude solvent by distillation process where used solvent can be restored to original nature by packers Bazar

It is step wise process once the solvent is distilled from some polluted element it further moves to other process to remove another and final polluted substance and refined to final output of usable solvent.

We have capacity of recycling ten thousand liters of crude solvent at a time which turns as usable solvent.

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